Spring 2006 AA level or Higher Camp (25 Skaters, 2-3 Goalies)

Mission: Create a FUN and challenging environment for 2006 (& Up) AA level players & prepare them for their next level of High School & Travel hockey.  We will follow the Precision School of Hockey Skill Development Model that emphasizes both individual and collaborative skills & decision making/mental game training.


  • 10 hours of Clinics: We will kick off the program with Coach Metzger running a skills session on 4/22 and the Precision Coaches will take over from there. 
  • Clinics will focus on skating and puck movement techniques designed to enhance players ability to win 1v1 battles, create & execute scoring chances & convert turnovers to scoring opportunities. Goalies will receive skills training from our dedicated goalie coach. All Clinics will be at Hockey Outlet on the confirmed dates and times listed below: 
  • 04/22 (THU) 8:00 PM
  • 04/24 (SAT) 5:10 PM
  • 04/29 (THU) 7:50 PM
  • 05/07 (FRI) 6:50 PM
  • 05/21 (FRI) 6:50 PM
  • 05/23 (SUN) 10:25 AM
  • 06/04 (FRI) 6:50 PM
  • 06/06 (SUN) 10:25 AM
  • 06/11 (FRI) 6:50 PM
  • 06/14 (MON) 8:20 PM


  • Group Size (2006 AA level or Higher): 25 Skaters + 2-3 Goalies. We may also have free Goalie spots for “drill only” goalies (no skills coaching)
  • COVID Policy:  Precision Hockey puts player & Coach safety 1st.  We will, at a minimum, follow current CDC, County DOH & Rink guidelines. Players & Parents that do not comply with our COVID safety policy and/or Coaches instructions related to player safety may be removed from the program with no refund.


  • Program Fee = $300 Covers all 10 Clinics. Siblings that meet the age & skill level requirements can split a Clinic spot (ie – Johny skates for 5 of the sessions and Jimmy skates the other 5). Both skaters must meet the age & skill requirements.
  • Lost ice due to COVID: In the event that any clinic ice is lost due to COVID related issues, we will make reasonable attempts to reschedule that ice for a later date. Refunds and rebates for lost events will only be considered if Precision Hockey is able to recover funds from the rink.  There will unlikely be any refunds for individual players that miss ice times for COVID or injury related issues, but those will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. All players & parents will be required to sign a COVID waiver releasing Precision Hockey and its coaches from any and all liability related to COVID risks.

Please register below and we will be in touch about placement and payment.


About Precision Camps

Precision Hockey’s Development Camps, Clinics, Consultations, and Private Lessons provide a unique and memorable experience for committed hockey players seeking to improve their individual skills. Our camps and clinics are run by Mark Metzger, Owner of Precision Hockey and Skills and Skating Coach for the Carolina Hurricanes NHL and Charlotte Checkers AHL. Our camps and clicks are also run by additional professional hockey instructors. We provide and demonstrate purposeful training sessions and proper instruction. Over 5,200 players have completed on-ice training sessions with Mark Metzger and have learned proven techniques from over 30,000 hours of player development. Our techniques empower players to be more efficient, confident, and achieve better results by overall success individually and as a team. These camps include a Precision Hockey jersey, off ice video clips with breakdown from NHL Coaches and Scouts, and player seminars from guest instructors. We are also looking for goalies for this program. We will have a professional goaltender coach at each session (instructor TBA). Please inquire for more details