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Precision Hockey has trained over 2,800 players from the NHL, AHL, ECHL, NCAA, OHL, USHL, NAHL, BCHL, High School, and Youth Hockey. Players that come to Precision Hockey recognize that skating is a big part of todays game. No system of play or strategy can hide a player’s skating deficiencies. That’s where Precision Hockey goes to work. The game of hockey is all about being able to control your skating from fast to slow automatically without even thinking about it. It’s all muscle memory (myelin) formed with the proper instruction and continuous repetition of proper skills. The game of hockey is constantly changing. The game is changing from the way we, as coaches and players, are accustomed to playing. A new way of thinking and training is required. Player development is all about results. This includes determination and a work ethic second to none. The player has to want it the most; the passion is the most vital trait to success. At Precision Hockey we pride ourselves in preparing players to be the best they can be. We work on the foundation (skating) and build on it by using a progressive set of randomized top down drills that allow players to “figure it out”. We want our players to learn to think for themselves thereby improving their hockey sense. We encourage our players to get out of their comfort zones, make mistakes and then learn from them. We teach our players to make playing/training with intensity both fun and a habit.

At Precision Hockey, I develop players starting with the following 7 steps:

1. Balance
2. Coordination
3. Edgework
4. Endurance – stamina
5. Quickness/Explosiveness
6. Hockey IQ / Game awareness – visualization
7. Puck control – Soft / Quick hands

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We Offer:

- Spring Development Teams
- Skills Camps and Clinics
- Team Training
- Private/Semi-Private Lessons
- And More…

Who We Are


Meet the Precision Staff

Mark Metzger – Founder/ Head Instructor: Mark is a well know player development coach throughout North America. In 2016, Mark was hired by the Carolina Hurricanes as their player development and skating coach. Mark will work with the Charlotte Checkers. The past four off-seasons Mark was hired by Bruce Boudreau, Anaheim Ducks Head Coach to be the skating and development coach for his prospect camp. Mark is also a published author of “The Will Is Greater Than The Skill and “Winner or Loser.” Prior to starting Precision Hockey, Mark is a former Major Junior Player.

Dan Stinis – Director of Operations/Coach: Dan is the heartbeat of Precision Hockey. His dedication and hard work are fundamental in the success of our program.


What We Do



Hockey was established to provide world class hockey development instruction.

Precision Hockey’s unique training system ensures effectively progress through all stages of players career. Our teaching arrangement is structured to systematically develop the hockey player. Precision Hockey aims toward a strong foundation of edge work, balance, and agility.

This will reflect in athletic character and surely aid in the on-ice performance of our trained athletes. This will reflect our students performance and character. This will reflect our students performance and character. Mark Metzger developed …